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"Talk to ITA about Coin Cell Crimpers, Prototyping Process Equipment and Supplies for your Lithium Ion battery research."
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Asprova APS is Japan's leading Advanced Planning and Scheduling application. ITA, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of Asprova support services to our customers.

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アメリカとビジネスをしよう! President's Blog (in Japanese)
Sponsor: Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry

--December 2010--

Shoen Kishioka published his third book.

Our chairman received The Order of the Rising Sun medal

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ITA, Inc. is an Elk Grove-based unique company and provides a broad range of corporate IT solutions and business consulting to many Japanese transplants in the Midwest region. ITA also offers engineering and market research services, utilizing their unique know how and vast networks in 30 years of corporate history. Relationships with the customers often expand to resale and/or export/import of American/Japanese technologies and products.

>> Corporate IT Services

Professional on-demand corporate IT services from computer services, computer network support services, troubleshooting to website creation. Especially, broad support capabilities in bilingual Japanese and English are of importance for many of our clients.

Served mainly in Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. We provide fast and reliable services to small to midsized companies.

>> Business Development Services

  • Research support services for Japanese or American researchers
  • Bridge the language, business and cultural gap to Japan and Asian markets
  • Help to identify product demand and selling partners
  • Export North American products to Japan and Asia
  • Import Japanese products to North America
  • Business consulting services to Japanese transplant partners
  • Support Japanese market researchers studying US trends


    Looking to source Japanese MRO or Factory Automation products in the US? Since 1987, Meiji Corporation offers extensive line of these products and serving from Chicago, Battle Creek MI, Lexington KY, Knoxville TN, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and Arkansas locations.

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